About us


It's not jewellery & valuables, it’s your legacy & heritage. It’s not agreement or deeds, it’s your heirloom. Somethings in life are priceless.

SAFETRUNK – an independent ultra secure purpose built safe deposit locker facility, with cutting edge technology & security integration that surpasses industry standards, we are dedicated to delivering unrivaled security to our customers accompanied with world class service.

Our first facility, located in the heart of Jubilee Hills Road no. 45, is equipped with over 4000 lockers enclosed in reinforced steel vaults. Fortified using the latest technology in security & construction, with state of the art security systems, on site security & continuous monitoring by trained team, we guarantee unparalleled safety & absolute peace of mind.

That’s what we believe at SAFETRUNK and it was that vision that propelled us to create a safe deposit locker facility like no other, promising our customers unparalleled security, exceptional service and every convenience.

At SAFETRUNK, we understand that some things are irreplaceable.

Our Ethos

Customer First - deliver exceptional service at every moment of truth

Integrity and Security

Respect for privacy


To position and sustain a competitive advantage through differentiation in services, customized product, commitment to providing safe and secure environment for all safe locker transactions backed with strong customer focus & lasting relationships.

Changing the way each one safe keeps their valuables !!!

Our Trusted Partners

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Highest level security can cost less than you think...

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