Highest Level Security is Our Commitment

Securing your valuables shouldn’t be hard! At SAFETRUNK we promise our customers unparalleled security, exceptional service and every convenience.

  • Class “A” certified strong room equivalent to RBI Currency Chest specs and the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), housing 6 sub vaults.
  • Our Vault door is BIS certified as per IS – 11188: 1991 and is a Class “AA” door that is made from toughened steel and armor plates, oxyacetylene flame resistant material, special fire and burglary resistant material.
  • Multiple layer personal identification & 4 level layered Security Access like 3D facial recognition equipment for vault entry.
  • SAFETRUNK has multiple alarm systems monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Chubbsafe lockers with various sizes to suit your needs and is protected in breach-proof vault.
  • Private, secure viewing suite in every vault for your comfort and privacy.
  • Effortless application process while you are at home or office and seamless 3 step registration process and with no fixed deposits or investment policies required and minimal paperwork.
  • Unlimited access during opening hours at no additional costs .

We offer something that other locker facilities cannot provide:

Time, space, privacy, uncompromising security and safety, customer service, and focus. Our procedures have been carefully constructed to provide maximum personal safety and peace of mind for customers and protection from any unauthorized access.

Highest level security can cost less than you think...

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